5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Brand Photoshoot

Brand Photoshoot

Guest Post Written by Duo Collective

What is brand photography and why is it important? Most entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the importance of building a brand. Everything from color palettes, logos, fonts and patterns are all non-negotiable assets when starting a business. Yet, brand photography can easily be forgotten. Having consistent and creative photography content for your brand is incredibly important and can really elevate your aesthetic across every platform. 

Brand photography goes beyond a simple headshot or collection of team photos. When paired with the right photographer it has the opportunity to showcase your uniqueness, personality, quality of your offerings and so much more. So, let’s dive into 5 reasons why every entrepreneur needs a brand photoshoot.

1. Brand Identity

When building a brand for your business, you have to think beyond just visuals and into the emotional aspect. How do you want your brand to make your audience feel? Brand photography can have the power to evoke those feelings. Do you want to inspire, spark joy or show a sense of community? These are all things you can create, and should consider, when building your content visually through a brand photoshoot. Not sure where to start? Pinterest is one of our favorite resources to gather inspiration.

2. SEO Ranking Opportunities

S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of optimizing your online content to rank higher on search engine pages. Did you know that images can help you do just that? Especially if you are a visual industry where you audience may be searching in the Google Images tab. You can optimize your images for SEO through something called alt text. Each time you upload an image into your website provider there should be a settings section for you to edit the alt text for that image. Having a variety of brand images that speak to your different products and services can provide you with endless ranking opportunities.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when writing alt text for your images. Always use keywords that your audience is searching for in your alt text description. More importantly, make sure those keywords are relevant to the image. Don’t name an image something it’s not just to rank for that keyword.⁣ Finally, don’t force your keyword into the alt text if it isn’t working. The purpose of alt text is to communicate the image for those that may be visually impaired, therefore your description should do just that.

3. Content

Content is king… or queen, right!? As a business owner, you need content for so many different things from your website to social media, client deliverables to printed materials and so much more. With a single brand photography shoot you can knock out a wide variety of content for every platform. Just make sure you’ve identified what those platforms may be in advance and inform your photographer. This will help ensure you gather the right variety of images.

4. Professionalism

High quality photos means high quality products and services. Not only does quality matter, but so does cohesiveness. Regardless of where your audience sees your brand, you want it to be visually cohesive. That is the magic of brand photography. It creates a high quality, seamless visual experience for your audience. 

5. Personality

Last, but definitely not least, brand photography should always express your personality. Give yourself the opportunity to let your uniqueness shine! Whether that is coffee, puppies, babies or plants, share what you love. At the end of the day, we are all striving for connection. Finding ways to connect and relate to your audience through photography can have the power to lead to long-lasting clients and customers.

Whether you are just starting out or years into running your own business, a brand photoshoot might just be what you are missing to elevate your brand to the next level. These five reasons clearly showcase how having your own arsenal of brand photos is so much more powerful than leveraging stock photography. So what are you waiting for!? Inquire now to start planning your own, completely custom, brand photoshoot. If you are struggling for some inspiration, start with our collection here. 

*MUA – Makeup By Mindie

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