22 Years Later | To My Husband | What I Know Now

As I sit here at my computer at 1:30am, like many nights during this busy season, you’re of course asleep in our room.  I’m having a hard time focusing on editing at the moment though.  I keep thinking about 22 years ago to this day.  It was October 29th, 1993.  I look at the picture below and I think, wow, we were just babies!!  What were we thinking?!  We’d done everything pretty much backwards to that point.  Had a baby, built a house and then we were getting married.  You’d been my best friend for a few years and I thought we knew everything about each other.  I was excited and happy and so nervous to be walking down the aisle to marry you.  Yes, nervous, remember me nearly hyperventilating when I got to you and then saying “Do you see all the people behind us?!!”

So many things I know now, that I didn’t know then.  Like that you “collect” glasses of water in our room and say it’s “in case the aliens come” like in the movie Signs.  Or you take your socks off in whatever room you are in after dinner and then leave them on the floor there, forever, or until I pick them up, whichever comes first!  Or that you like to have the bedroom window open to sleep, even when it’s 30 degrees out!  But then there are more.  Like when I had a flat tire at my shoot on Monday, and you drove to me and fixed it. Or when I came home exhausted this weekend after several shoots to find you doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  Or last night when I had to run to Minneapolis at 7pm and you had literally just walked in the door from work after sitting in traffic for an hour (from Minneapolis!) and yet you offered to come with me to keep me company, and make sure I was safe.

Even 22 years later, I still seem to fall in love with you more and more each day.  Your fierce love and loyalty for our family, your strong work ethic that has given myself and our kids more than we’ve ever needed, your compassion and patience in putting up with me over the years, your sense of humor that makes everyone laugh, and your incredible support and encouragement to follow my crazy dreams.  Those are things I couldn’t have even begun to know the depth of that day we said “I do”.  But what I know now, if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t walk down that aisle to you.  I’d run.  Of everything in my life, you are the one thing I know for sure I’ve done right.  Happy Anniversary honey.  I love you.


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