WPPI 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada | Julie Greer Photography

Last week, I was fortunate to be able to go to Vegas for one of the biggest photography conferences in the world, WPPI.  I won’t lie……I was pretty sick to my stomach with nerves the last couple days leading up to it!  I mean this was where the best of the best photographers were going to be!  And I was seriously hoping to not only hear them talk at their classes, but actually get a chance to talk with them.  The first morning we were there, I looked at my husband, Chris, and told him how nervous I was.  He laughed and said “Why?  They’re just people.  You are good. You’ll be fine.”  Was he not paying attention the night before when we walked past Matt and Carissa Kennedy and Katelyn James and Michael Alsop and I nearly lost my breath?!  In the wedding photography world, that was like walking by Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney!  Seriously!  Well to make a long story short, (which Chris will tell you I’m not very good at!) I attended classes by Katelyn, Matt and also Mary Marantz.  And they ALL blew my mind!   Their lessons and words were so moving and I learned SO much from them.  AND I got to spend time talking with each of them!  They were the warmest, friendliest people ever!  And then, when I thought my week couldn’t get any better, I had a coaching session with Amy and Jordan Demos, a sweet and AMAZINGLY talented husband and wife photography team from Scottsdale, Arizona.  At the end of the session, Chris met up with us, and Amy and Jordan offered to take some pictures.  For all the talk I do, telling people to document their lives, their families, etc., I am the worst when it comes to pictures of myself.  I mean honestly, I can’t be the only one wishing I could just lose a few pounds (or more than a few)!  But I am SO glad that I have these pictures Amy and Jordan took!  Chris has been my biggest cheerleader in life.  He’s pushed me to pursue this career for years before I finally had the guts to do it.  He believes in me way more than I believe in myself most days!  And there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not SO appreciative of everything he does for myself and our 3 kids.  I’m sure part of why I absolutely love weddings so much, is because of him!  After 22 years of marriage, I can still say he is my absolute best friend!  And I truly realize what a blessing that is.  So thank you so much Amy and Jordan!  These pictures mean the world to me.

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