Brian and Mary | Minneapolis Proposal | Mill Ruins Park

Brian emailed me in September and explained that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend on their 4 1/2 year anniversary and wanted a photographer to capture it.  I was so excited to be a part of this!!  When we met, Brian told me a little about his girlfriend, Mary and how she loves the city and he’s more of a nature person.  So, he had chosen Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis as the proposal spot.  He thought it was a good mix of both of them.  We walked around the park a couple weeks before the date and picked “the spot” and even had a plan B if the weather didn’t cooperate.  Little did we know that on October 20th, it would be 75 degrees, sunny, and the fall colors would be at their peak!  If this day was any indication of their relationship, it’s nothing short of the best love story EVER!

Brian had planned a nice date so Mary thought they were going to the park to have a picnic of cheeses, go out to dinner and then to see Romeo and Juliet at the Guthrie.  As they walked down the path, it was pretty easy to pick them out.  Brian was very handsome in a nice jacket and slacks, holding a picnic basket in one hand and Mary’s hand in the other.  And Mary was so beautiful as she strolled alongside him.  As they started down the walkway, Brian set the picnic basket down and took Mary’s hand and started talking to her.  As I watched the expression on her face, it was obvious she was starting to realize this wasn’t going to be just any date!  And by the time Brian got down on one knee, the tears were flowing.  Seriously the sweetest moment!

When they were done hugging and kissing, Brian turned and pointed me out to Mary and introduced us.  She was so shocked that Brian had planned this all out, and at that point she wasn’t sure what to believe anymore, so she was even asking “Are we still really going to dinner and Romeo and Juliet?”  The look of shock was only covered up by the obvious pure love and happiness she was feeling. Oh and then there’s that ring!!!  Oh my goodness!!  It was the most beautiful array of diamonds and rose gold I have ever seen!! Brian did a very, very good job.  And also a shout out to Lindblom Jewelers in Wayzata.  We spent a little time walking around the park and taking advantage of the beautiful weather and colors.  And as I left, they started making phone calls to their family and friends between tears and laughter.  Brian and Mary, it was such a joy to meet both of you, and I will remember this day forever!!  Happy wedding planning!!!  XOXO

  1. Doug

    October 22nd, 2017 at 8:27 PM

    Congratulations to you both! What beautiful pictures. We’re so happy for you!
    Love, Doug, Jacq and Jake.

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